Dr. Oscar John Ma

was Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University.

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Dr. Oscar John Ma served as Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University between 2007- 2019. Dr. Oscar John Ma served as President of the Professional Staff for OHSU Healthcare between 2011- 2013. Dr. Oscar John Ma was the CEO and Co-Founder of Innovative, Disruptive, Emerging Applications in Emergency Medicine (IDEA-EM). Dr. Oscar John Ma has edited 20 reference textbooks that have been published in over 10 languages, which include Ma and Mateer’s Emergency Ultrasound and Tinitnalli’s Emergency Medicine. Dr. Oscar John Ma has focused his research primarily on the applications of ultrasound in diagnosing injuries in trauma patients. He has served on the Board of Directors for the American Board of Emergency Medicine and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. He is the recipient of four Teacher-of-the-Year awards and the 2005 SAEM Excellence in Ultrasound Education Award.

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